south city blues band

Band Bios

John Boutell - vocals and guitar

john boutellJohn Boutell recently relocated from Ventura, CA to San Francisco. He has recorded, produced and engineered several critically acclaimed CD's over his musical life and can now can be found performing up and down the coast playing his personal style of blues developed over the years and conjured up from the feelings and experiences of traveling the road of life. John brings a great sense of swing and jump to the South City Blues Band and can cover a wide variety of blues styles, as well as his own original musical voice.

John Lull - saxophone

john lullBorn and raised in Oakland, CA, John Lull's tenor sax has been a mainstay of the Bay Area rhythm & blues scene for many years. He has played in a whos who of Bay Area bands, including Drivin' Wheel, Good Life Rhythm & Blues Review, Third Street Blues Band, and Souled Out. John has been influenced by all the great jazz, jump blues, and burning sax players including Red Prysock, Louis Jordan, King Curtis, Jr. Walker, and many more. John adds the essential soulful sound of the sax to South City Blues Band. He lives on the coast near Half Moon Bay where he can be found surfing his kayak and getting trashed in the waves, when he's not blowin' his horn.

Vinnie Fornesi, Bass & vocals

vinceVinnie is a highly accomplished bass player who can play a wide variety of styles and never strays from the groove! He has lived on the coast for over twenty years and played with many of the best local bands, including Matt Brewer Band, Rich Felix, Brother Buzz, and Jake & the Mile. Prior to that he also played with Stu Blank, Garth Webber, and has performed with Harvey Mandell of Canned Heat, Chester Thompson of Tower of Power/Santana, Gibby Ross of Malo, and Roger Powell of Utopia. He learned his craft under the tutelage of Dewayne Pate (Robben Ford Band), Vic Conte (Tower of Power/Herbie Hancock), and Lorenzo Farrell (Little Charlie & the Night Cats).

Tom DeFiglio - drums

tomTom has been playing drums since the tender age of 16 and was in the studio for a locally released album at 17. He's mastered a wide variety of rhythmic styles, ranging from swing to funk, always maintaining a solid groove.  Having played in the Bay Area for decades now, Tom has shared the stage with locally and nationally known performers and considers every day an opportunity to share the gift of music with others.

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